Dumankaya Construction, differentiating itself through the products and services it offers to cater consumer needs, is now launching another first in the industry. The new funding model “Fifty-Fifty” pays to investors, who would like to make the most of their savings, half of the real estate investment made from Dumankaya projects.

At the press conference held in Park Bosphorus Hotel, on 14 September, Barış Dumankaya, Deputy Chairman of the Board of Dumankaya Construction, underlined that Fifty-Fifty model will add a new dimension to the buying processes in the real estate sector.

Now Dumankaya’s Assurance is Called: The “Fifty-Fifty Model”

Barış Dumankaya, talking about the new return support model, said: “According to the Fifty-Fifty Model, the investor will make an advanced payment equal to the 25 to 50% of the total amount of the real estate that they would like to invest in. For the remaining fifty percent, that will be credited by financial institutions that Dumankaya works with or the consumer prefers, Dumankaya will make the support payment for a 10 year period.”

“The model is still valid when the investor wishes to pay the whole amount in advance. The pre-determined income amount is paid to the investor. So the income of the real estate, for which the entire amount is paid in advance, is guaranteed for 10 years.”

Uğur Dumankaya, Chairman of the Board of Dumankaya Construction, took the floor after Barış Dumankaya, and told how happy they were to launch another first in the industry. Uğur Dumankaya continued his speech: “Dumankaya is a 52 year old deep-rooted company that always offers products and services that generate value for its consumers. “Fifty-Fifty” is a return-based model which is a result of 52-years of experience and know-how.”

“We worked hard on this new funding system which is founded on a strong rationale and mathematics. It’s not seasonal or temporary, on the contrary, very sustainable and permanent. As Dumankaya we have every confidence in our projects and we offer Dumankaya’s assurance for each of them. Fifty-Fifty Model is a fairly simple model that can be defined as a financial brotherhood project that brings us together with the consumer. We make a call to the consumer saying; Dumankaya is developing a valuable project and let’s collaborate from the funding of this value to its branding and carry these projects to a higher level. Let Dumankaya assurance pay for half of the real estate you buy from Dumankaya. So, let this process be a win-win situation.”

Fifty-Fifty Model will be applicable to residences in hi-Fit, Flex Office Bahçeşehir, Miks projects Dumankaya projects.