Picking up the pace of investments in Istanbul in areas that experience an increase in value, Dumankaya İnşaat's success in creating value and providing a high return on investment has been reaffirmed by the Forbes study in September, which ranked the top earners among housing projects currently on sale in Istanbul. The list comprised 50 projects, and Dumankaya was represented with its Ritim İstanbul, Dumankaya Horizon, hi-Fit, Flex Office Bahçeşehir and Dumankaya Mozaik projects, thus becoming the company with the highest number of entries on the list.

Offering its customers a lifestyle that will bring a new identity to the city while meeting and exceeding the necessities of urban living, Dumankaya continues to deliver projects that serve as attractive investment opportunities for both prospective homeowners and investors.

Dumankaya İnşaat has realized various "top earner" projects in areas undergoing significant development in Istanbul. The company guarantees a return on investment above Turkish average thanks to its advantageous prices as well as the exclusive services offered to homeowners via Dumankaya World.

Dumankaya World provides a signature comfort and experience to homeowners, and investors benefit from high returns in projects developed by Dumankaya, who strives to develop living spaces with a focus on sustainable quality and trust in order to create value for all stakeholders.

The unique projects realized by Dumankaya İnşaat in advantageous locations provide a profitable alternative to investors, as the return potential of the investments increase exponentially thanks to the architecture, amenities and exclusive services featured by the project.