Dumankaya İnşaat shines out with its activities aimed at customer expectations in the real estate industry. Now the company gives an effortless offer to those who want to own an apartment.

The campaign offers the advantage of zero interest for 60 months and 12% discount for cash purchases for the Ritim İstanbul project that promises an ideal living space and a perfect investment opportunity at high quality in Maltepe, the rising residential area of Istanbul.

The campaign also covers Dumankaya Mozaik, a project that harmonizes modern buildings with diverse exteriors. The project accommodates a variety of tastes with high ceilings for those who prefer spacious apartments, modern apartments in prominently black and white colors, country-style apartments with brick walls and oak and Scandinavian-style apartments for those who prefer minimalism.

Campaign spring from Dumankaya

Dumankaya İnşaat caters to and goes beyond customer expectations with the new financing model "Fifty Fifty" which has become highly popular.

In a recent statement, Barış Dumankaya, Deputy Chairman of the Board of Directors of Dumankaya referred to the generalization of the "Effortless Campaign" to the Asian side following the popular interest shown to the "Fifty Fifty" campaign. "We at Dumankaya continue our efforts to come up with products and services that enrich the expectations of our customers. Convenient installment options and payment plans of our campaign make apartment ownership as easy as paying rent. I hope that we will reach out to an even higher number of people with this campaign and introduce them to the privileged and profitable world of Dumankaya.”

Overlooking Prince Islands in the horizon

Dumankaya Horizon is a roadside mansion project by Dumankaya in the luxury residence segment. If you want to own your dream apartment, you can benefit from the opportunities with the immediate takeover advantage.

Dumankaya Horizon offers various residence options including 1+1 bedroom to 4+1 bedroom availability with the limited number of luxurious waterfront mansions offering the calm of the seafront.

For more information on the campaign, please call 4447222 or log on to www.dumankaya.com.