Located in Maltepe, which is one of the rising districts of Istanbul and with its modern architecture, view of the Prince’s Islands and shopping and social facilities, Rhythm Istanbul provides technology and comfort in one package. Rhythm Istanbul continues to bring new opportunities and benefits. The most prestigious and final stage is now available for sale.

Lifting boundaries and integrating with urban life, Rhythm Istanbul stands out as the richest and most comprehensive project in the region through its social facilities. With street stores where famous brands will take place, home and commercial office units, residence units that centralize technology into daily lives, Rhythm Istanbul project will be a new center of attraction in the city.

Rhythm Istanbul is projected to be a mix project that includes street stores, high-ceiling and chic lobby areas, recreation areas, lounges, a restaurant and observation terrace, a cultural center, and offices. The last stage of the Rhythm Istanbul project proves to be a unique and fruitful investment opportunity for both investors and residents.

Dumankaya Construction has a special offer for the tower available for sale; those who wish to buy a flat can benefit from a 12 percent discount for upfront payment. In addition, buyers are allowed to choose a flat from the most prestigious tower with the best view of the Rhythm Istanbul project. Moreover, various and advantageous payment options like 60 months and 0 interest are also available for purchases with bank loans.

Aurélien Chedjou is at Dumankaya Field

Dumankaya Construction and Al Mazaya are announcing the offers for the final and most prestigious stage of Rhythm Istanbul with a very special advertisement campaign. Dumankaya is the main sponsor for Galatasaray in the 2015-2016 Spor Toto Super League and Ziraat Turkey Cup. In Dumankaya’s new commercial film, Aurélien Chedjou, Galatasaray’s new owner of the number 21 jersey, takes a tour of the most exclusive mix project of the Anatolian side, Rhythm Istanbul project, and the opportunities the project offers.

It is possible to choose a flat with a layout of 1+1, 2+1, 3+1, or 3.5+1 starting at TL 426,800 from the tower that provides various benefits and will be completed in November 2016. Detailed information regarding the offers that will be available for a limited time can be obtained by calling 444 7 222 or visiting