As seen in the press, Members of our Company's Board of Directors have been released as of today in continuation of the process that began with their invitation to the Financial Crimes Department on April 18, 2016.

The judicial process involving our Executive Director Mr. Halit Dumankaya is currently still in progress. The process is being handled by the attorneys of our Board Members within the framework of their personal rights as defined by the law, and is closely followed by our organization.

In all its economic and social activities to date, Dumankaya İnşaat has fulfilled all its legal and financial obligations with the highest regard to the indivisible integrity of the State and the Nation, and is committed to continue creating value for our nation's economy and its citizens in the future through its support of legitimate organizations and NGOs as defined by administrative authorities. As Mr. Halit Dumankaya himself stated, "We are a family devoted to its country. We would never provide aid or comfort to any organization or individual that would seek to do harm to our nation. This is the kind of family we are."

We are fully confident that Mr. Halit Dumankaya, Founder and Executive Director of our Company and a well-known philanthropist who also served as a member of parliament in the 1991-94 legislative term will return to us in no time, and continue spending his golden years sharing his wealth of experience with future generations and setting an example of personality with his great passion and boundless energy.

We remain firm believers in the power of the state, in the political authority, and in justice. We believe that the judicial process will be concluded as soon as possible. Respectfully submitted to the public.