As the property company with the highest turnover increase, Dumankaya achieved many successes in 2015. Besides the value it has added to the sector, the company accomplished all its 2015 goals thanks to its sustainable, transparent and innovative business models. And this year Dumankaya targets 750 million TL revenues, getting ready to carry forward its achievements to 2016 with the same energy and excitement,.

Istanbul- Having implemented projects to change the face of the city and led a modern transformation in the sector through its business models, Dumankaya closes 2015 with a significantly increased turnover in spite of the global economic fluctuations. With a 131 percent year-on-year increase in national and international sales, Dumankaya is getting ready to invest over 1,5 billion TL in 2016. Taking firm steps forward powered by the achievements in 2015, Dumankaya’s 2016 revenue target is 750 million TL.

Dumankaya, benefiting from its rich experience of half a century as a leverage, develops safe, comfortable, eco-friendly and technological living spaces based on basic consumption needs. Dumankaya has proven its success with qualified residence construction, a successful sales record at home and abroad, and innovative business models launched in 2015 as well as its financial results.

Dumankaya İnşaat Deputy President Barış Dumankaya indicated that in spite of challenging competition and a contracting construction sector, they have obtained financially strong results and underlined that the Group managed to become one of the few property brands to have increased its profitability as a result of a fruitful management approach throughout last year.

Barış Dumankaya continued his remarks as follows: “We closed 2015 with a significant revenue boost. Our sales figures, particularly for the last four months, have risen 131% year-on-year. In 2015, we sold 1,199 independent units totaling to a revenue of 463 million TL. The rising customer traffic and sales manifested that our customer-focused investments were good decisions. 6,491 people visited our sales offices. Thanks to advertisement and marketing activities, the number of our visitors increased by 17% compared to 2014. The root of this success is the group's visionary perspective and synergy created together by its employees and shareholders.”

2015 The Year of Prestigious Awards

Having introduced many innovations to the sector in 2015, Dumankaya had a good track record in terms of awards too. Barış Dumankaya, briefing on the awards granted to Dumankaya, stated that they started the year recognized as “The Most Popular Construction Firm” according to a survey on Brand Image and Real Estate Buying Behavior carried out by GFK.

Barış Dumankaya, Dumankaya İnşaat Deputy President went on to say: “We were selected as one of the super brands of the year at the event organized by Superbrand Türkiye. We also achieved the 3rd place out of 25 companies that enjoyed the highest increase in their revenues in the Capital 500 Turkey list. Meanwhile, another assessment made by Fortune Türkiye raised our standing to the 224th place among top 500 companies in Turkey. We have also been recognized by Fortune as the 12th company that recorded the highest ROE with 71,4 under the " Profitable Companies” category.

Dumankaya has been recognized as the brand which improved its reputation the most in the real estate sector in 2015 as part of "The ONE Awards", the Integrated Marketing Awards, jointly organized by Marketing Türkiye and Akademetre.”

Noting that Dumankaya has made significant investment in brand awareness and brand likeability and reaped its harvest accordingly, he added: “Nielsen's Awareness and Brand Perception Research 2015 results, which we have been conducting since 2016, were recently announced. Research results indicated that Dumankaya increased its consumer likeability rate compared to 2014, to become once again the most liked construction company and was deemed as one of the two companies most recalled as part of spontaneous awareness survey. It would be fair to say that this boost in likeability and awareness is the return on our investment in the brand.”

We are optimistic about 2016

Barış Dumankaya, noting that all sectors will enjoy a much clearer outlook for 2016, expressed his belief that country sprecific goals will also be achieved with the help of business world's breakthroughs and government reforms. He went on to say that 2016 will be a dynamic year for Turkey, full of reforms and in search of new markets, during which they will continue to invest, turn risks into opportunities and maintain their transparent and responsible stance.

We will keep growing with new projects

Barış Dumankaya, Dumankaya İnşaat Deputy President indicated that new investments will be the pillar in company's pursuit of goals and updated:

“We will continue our residence sales in 2016, namely through eight separate projects comprising of three locations in Asian side (Kartal coast, Maltepe, Sancaktepe) and two locations in European side (Halkalı, Esenyurt/Bahçeşehir).”

In 2016, we will focus on sustainable growth and efficiency. This year, we are planning to execute two different projects. In the first half, around April, we will launch the Fikirtepe project worth 385 million TL, followed by the Gebze project in August, worth 800 million TL. We will keep growing stronger in an increasingly competitive environment with our new business models. In 2016, we plan to invest another 1,2 billion TL”.

Dumankaya for Galatasaray's shirt sponsorship

Reminding that they have sealed a major deal with Galatasaray in 2015, Barış Dumankaya continued his as follows: “Being one of the sector’s prominent brands, we signed an important sponsorship agreement with the leading football club Galatasaray, which perfectly matches our dynamism, and we have become the club’s main sponsor. We sincerely believe that sports significantly contribute to individual and social development. With this contract, we aim to support development of sports whilst contributing to our strategic partner Galatasaray at the highest level. Moreover, this sponsorship deal has been an invaluable investment in Dumankaya brand.”

Large Investment Cooperation with Al Mazaya

Having referred to their collaboration with Mazaya, one of the top property developers in Middle East, Dumankaya İnşaat Deputy President Barış Dumankaya said: “The first step of Dumankaya-Al Mazaya collaboration, which was officially launched in October 2014, had been taken when we purchased the Yapı Merkezi land to build the Ritim İstanbul project. In the future, we will carry this partnership further to make larger investments with Mazaya. As usual, we will prioritize Istanbul and property. But there is a chance that we may not settle with these areas. We may implement mixed projects too.” Mr. Dumankaya noted that they have a strong and high investing power with Mazaya.

Sector-Leading Innovations
Barış Dumankaya, indicating that they had initiated the change and transformation process in the sector a long time ago, also expressed their desire to lead the digital transformation in their sector too. He stressed that they have re-formulated all business processes and projects with an innovative perspective and continued his remarks: “We consider technology as a critical tool to be efficient and continuously communicate with our customers. We closely follow new trends around the globe in order to sustain the value we added into the domestic real estate sector and economy.”