Uğur Dumankaya: “Peace and economic stability must be our top priority”

Uğur Dumankaya, Chairman of Dumankaya İnşaat’s Board of Directors, has made a series of comments on the parliamentary election results. Dumankaya emphasizes sustained economic stability as the greatest expectation, and continues: “I hope the results of November 1 Parliamentary Elections will turn out the best for our country. As business people, we, above all, expect the continuation of acquisitions and economic stability in our country. With a high electoral turnout, the popular will has preferred a Parliament with four political parties in November 1 elections. Our nation has expressed a strong will to preserve our country’s unity, solidarity and integrity.”

“The new government should make this chance count by shortly reviving an era of peace and economic stability. We should strive to carry Turkey one step further by highlighting education and with high added-value projects centered around innovation, R&D, information and technological systems. We are looking forward to leaving behind the election process and seeing the new government take office soon.”