"The ONE Integrated Marketing Awards" organized jointly by Marketing Türkiye and Akademetre were distributed at a lively ceremony on January 8 at Raffles Hotel. The awards are given to brands with highest boost in reputation as well as advertising and public relations agencies which play a role in this performance.

Companies with highest reputation growth in 35 sectors are determined through face-to-face interviews with 1200 persons in 12 cities. Dumankaya won first place in the real estate sector as company with highest reputation growth. Semih Dumankaya, Board Member of Dumankaya, received the award on behalf of Dumankaya İnşaat at The ONE Integrated Marketing Awards.

Also awarded were BG Communications (Public Relations), Alaaddin (Advertising Agency) and Optimist (Media Purchasing Agency) as companies which have contributed to Dumankaya to be named "organization with highest reputation and brand value growth in 2015".

Semih Dumankaya gave a statement following the event: "Dumankaya is a brand that has won the hearts of our people with a constant focus on different and innovative attitude. 2015 proved highly bright for Dumankaya, with so many achievements in various fields. We won numerous awards. Behind this success lies well-disciplined teamwork. I believe that Dumankaya family will continue to achieve further success thanks to both our synergy within the group and between our agencies which provide us with significant support."